Elks Law is the law firm to contact if you have any issues or questions related to the alcoholic beverage industry in Tennessee. Danielle worked at the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission for over 25 years and also served as the agency’s Executive Director for over 10 years.


To dispense, sell, import or otherwise distribute alcoholic beverages to the general public, one must be issued the proper license from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission and/or the local beer board. 


Local beer boards and the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission can initiate disciplinary action against the license or or permit when the agency perceives a violation of a statute or rule occurs.


The Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation that will allow grocery stores and convenience stores that meet the definition of a retail food store to sell wine on their premises beginning on July 1, 2016


At Elks Law we strive to stay in front of all local, state and federal regulations.  You can stay up to date below as we will post anything and everything that is pertinent to your business and our own.

Executive Order 17

As you are aware, we are going through exceptionally difficult times now that many of us have never faced. Local, state and federal governments are attempting to ease the burden on many affected industries. To that end, as you may have heard, Tennessee Governor Lee...

Nashville Beer Board: Emergency Meeting

From the Nashville Beer Board emergency meeting conducted on March 20, 2020 for on-premise consumption beer permittees those that hold both an on and off premise beer permit (it does NOT apply to those merely holding an off-premise beer permit: Metropolitan Beer...


Attention all managers of retail package stores, grocery stores, convenience stores and wineries: Elks Law will be conducting a training classes for your managers on MAY 25, 2016 at Grinderswitch Winery in Centerville, Tennessee at 1:00 pm and an additional class has...


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