About Danielle Elks

State administrators and city officials want counsel who are prepared and knowledgeable of the subject matter they regulate.  Few in the alcohol industry have the unique perspective of having been “the administrator” of the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission as does Danielle Elks.  She can tell you how the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission may react in a specific situation, knows how to process all license applications and can represent you in all your disciplinary proceedings.

Danielle Elks developed this experience by working 25 years for the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.  Beginning as its staff attorney, the Commission quickly promoted Danielle to the Assistant Director position.  In that position, Danielle began analyzing bills introduced by the Legislature which would affect the alcohol beverage industry, as well as applying the statutes to the licensing and regulatory situations that arose before the agency.  After several years as Assistant Director, the Commission appointed Danielle as its Executive Director.  There she oversaw all aspects of the agency–regulatory, licensing, investigatory and liaison between Commission and the Tennessee General Assembly as well as the general public.


For questions or comments please email below or call Danielle Elks at 615.243.1844