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Hearings and Citations
Not all applicants and licensees can be 100% compliant all the time.  Local beer boards and the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission can initiate disciplinary action against the license or or permit when the agencyperceives a violation of a statute or rule occurs.  Sometimes, the matter can be settled simply with the payment of a monetary fine.  Sometimes, however, the amount of the fine may be too much, the regulatory agency is seeking a suspension or revocation of your license, or you may have an explanation for what happened that resulted in the disciplinary action. If that is the case, please contact Elks Law.

 Elks Law can assist you negotiate a fair settlement of your matter or if necessary, defend your interests in an administrative hearing.

Compliance and Trade Practice Analysis / Rulemaking
You have a new marketing concept that is innovative, unique and expensive to implement.  Before spending the money on this new promotion, you want to insure this concept does not violate any statutes or rules.  Or you think a rule or statute is antiquated or is out-of-step with current business practices and societal beliefs:  this rule needs to be changed!

For twenty-five years, Danielle Elks interpreted the rules and statutes to apply them to real life scenarios.  She re-wrote and updated all the rules and regulations for the TABC in 2005 and is currently involved in petitioning the agency for new rules related to the delivery service of alcohol.  For a current analysis of the pertinent statutes, rules and regulations to your particular situation, please contact Elks law.


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